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Fahri Ozdil, originally from Turkey, moved to the United States in 1997. After working at many Mediterranean restaurants in New York he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2008, he became a United States citizen and pursued his dream to open his own restaurant that served fresh, ethnic, Mediterranean cuisine.


With support from his family, Café Mediterranean opened in Anderson in 2008 and relocated to Blue Ash in 2011. Mr. Ozdil has the highest standards for Café Mediterranean. Only the best spices, ingredients, fresh vegetables, fish and meat are used in preparing daily entrees.

When you read about the citizens of countries like Turkey, Armenia, Greece, Italy, and rural Spain, invariably you hear that people often live to the ages of 80, 90 or even past the 100 year mark still enjoying good health.


If you ever wondered what their secret was, Café Mediterranean will be happy to tell you. Better yet, let us show you! For us, the Mediterranean diet isn't the latest weight loss fad; it's a way of life.


By focusing on seasonal fruits and vegetables, complimented with legumes, whole grains, and using lean meat as a flavor enhancement, we live long and happy lives.


While we can't guarantee your scale will budge, one thing we can guarantee is that your meal will be loaded with flavor, not calories.


Enjoy traditional dishes like babaganoush, acili ezme, falafel, or bourek, prepared the time-honored way, served with attention to detail.


At Café Mediterranean, Mr. Ozdil's passion for outstanding food comes through in every delicious bite.

In Arabic, the literal translation of 'halal' is 'lawful' or 'permitted.' Mostly, it refers to foods that are permissible in the Middle Eastern diet, and is very similar in concept to 'kosher' eating. At Cafe Mediterranean, all of our foods are prepared the 'halal' way, and it's all good no matter where you're from.


'Halal' foods are mostly natural foods. Practitioners of this philosophy consume natural fruits, vegetables, juices, and sweeteners like raw sugar and honey.


Pork is a definite no-no, and the animals we use for our meat needs must be dispatched according to the 'dhabiya' tradition.

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Meet the owner

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest diets in the world.

What is 'halal' and why should you care about it?

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